Storage Tank Inspection & Repair

Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection and Repair

Taku has a long history in working with aboveground storage tanks (AST). We provide expertise in many areas of AST inspection, repair and integrity assessment. Our engineers have developed and managed API 653 and STI SP001 inspection and repair programs at numerous facilities throughout Alaska.

We are experienced in the design, installation, and testing of AST specific cathodic protection systems for industrial, municipal, commercial and government applications. Proper design, installation, and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for ASTs ensures a reduction of the considerable costs associated with maintenance, repair and re-coating of tanks.

Our engineers have an extensive background in testing, specification development, and application oversight of internal and external coating systems for ASTs. This experience allows us to develop cathodic protection systems that complement multiple forms of corrosion management.

Taku provides a wide range of services related to tank inspection, evaluation and repair including:

  • API 653 Project Management / Construction Management
  • API 653 Inspection Oversight and Reporting
  • API 653 Tank Settlement Evaluations
  • API 653 Service Life Calculations
  • STI SP001 Tank Inspection
  • NDE/NDT Data Evaluation
  • Tank Repair Recommendations and Onsite Support
  • Field Engineering Support
  • Procedure Development and Review
  • Material Procurement
  • Economic Evaluation
  • AST Internal/External Cathodic Protection System Testing, Assessment and Design
  • AST Internal/External Coating Evaluation, Specifications and Oversight