Integrity Management

Integrity Management Programs and Support

Taku Engineering staff has a proven track record of providing integrity management related engineering support for the Alaska Oil and Gas industry. Such projects include technical and implementation support for pipeline integrity management and investigations as well as internal tank inspections. Integrity management is an integral part of improving the safety, reliability and service life of any infrastructure.

Taku understands the importance of quality engineering in terms of integrity evaluation. We regularly review clients’ integrity programs to ensure they remain in regulatory compliance. These reviews often include data analysis and correlation of multiple programs including: in-line inspection, cathodic protection surveys, internal coupon surveys, inhibitor injection and NDE inspection results.

Some of our integrity management capabilities include:

  • Integrity Program Development
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Inline Inspection Data Analysis
  • Integrity Program Audits and Recommendations
  • Integrity Data Review and Recommendations
  • Data Management
  • Spill Plan Updates
  • Annual O&M Manual Updates (CFR 195.402 and CFR 192.605)
  • Atmosphere Corrosion Monitoring (CFR 195.583 and CFR 192.481)

Field engineering support of integrity investigations is essential to any integrity management program. Our team can provide direct engineering assessments in the field to assist with educated decisions on the repair or replacement of assets.

Taku can provide field engineers for direct implementation support services including:

  • Project and Construction Management
  • API 570 Piping Inspection and Evaluation
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Evaluation
  • Mechanical Defect Assessment (Dents / Gouges / Deformation)
  • Direct External Corrosion Assessment
  • Flange Condition Evaluations
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Analysis
  • NDE/NDT Data Evaluation and Analysis
  • Soil Corrosivity Assessments
  • Cathodic Protection System Evaluation
  • Coatings Evaluations and Repair Recommendations
  • Corrosion and Defect Repair Recommendations