Coatings Engineering

Coatings Engineering for Marine & Corrosive Environments

Taku Engineering provides a wide range of coatings engineering services for extreme environments including bridge structures, marine vessels and structures, pipeline infrastructure, and storage tanks. Coatings engineering is of utmost importance and an essential part of long term corrosion management.

Some services we offer include:

  • Industrial Coating Specification Development
  • Total Installed Cost Estimating for Industrial Coating Applications
  • Coating Failure Analysis
  • Expert Witness Services for Industrial Coating Applications
  • Field Oversight of Industrial Coating Projects
  • Laboratory Coating Performance Test Evaluations

Coatings Engineering
Coatings engineering often involves an evaluation of service or existing infrastructure condition, selection of the appropriate coating(s), and proper application techniques of the products. Generally, coating failure is attributed to faulty application techniques and not the coating materials. Our quality-minded approach serves to provide the lowest possible maintenance and repair costs, maximizing the life of both the coating system and the protected infrastructure as protective coatings systems typically constitute a significant financial investment, a dedicated and comprehensive quality assurance effort is warranted when considering coatings engineering. In contrast, the potential consequences of premature protective coatings failure are generally much more costly than the original coatings application.

Marine Coatings
Taku corrosion personnel have significant experience with corrosion control in the marine and shipbuilding sector. We have provided technical expertise for marine coatings and cathodic protection programs, laboratory testing program design and execution, and direct field oversight and field engineering support.

Highway Bridge Coatings and Corrosion Protection
Taku personnel have been involved in the technical aspects of bridge coatings engineering since 1991. This experience includes execution of national coatings research programs for the Federal Highway Administration, and technical development of solutions for a wide range of issues impacting the modern coatings industry.