North Slope Borough Natural Gas Line Replacement Project

Project Overview

The North Slope Borough (NSB) School District’s Central Office Annex receives gas via an above ground 3” distribution line that is aging and in need of replacement. The School Annex is a multi-building compound that house’s the School District’s teachers, staff, support services, and a roller rink.

Taku Engineering, LLC (Taku) was tasked with developing the engineering design package for the NSB High Pressure Gas Line Removal and Replacement project in Barrow (Utqiaġvik), Alaska. This design replaces approximatley 2,750ft of fuel gas piping with above ground and below ground piping and 22 building branch connections and building services. The 100% design package was issued in November, 2017.

Engineering Design Services

Taku’s design included the following scope:

  • Removal of the existing 3” gas distribution line including all building branch connections.
  • Installation of a new 3” and 4” gas distribution line with 22 building branch connections.
  • Installation of new isolation valves and regulators at each building service entrance.
  • Routing the gas line below ground in traffic areas utilizing high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping with transitions to carbon steel anode-less risers for above ground routing.
  • Installation of protective bollards at building branch connections in traffic areas.
  • Installation of protective snow sheds where building services are exposed to roof shedding.
  • Total Installed Cost (TIC) estimating.
  • Construction administration and oversight services.

Taku Is A Multi-Discipline Engineering Firm That Specializes In Remediating Aging Infastructure