Alyeska Pipeline BWT Plant Quaternary Treatment

Project Overview

Taku was brought in to take over technical oversight of a project to redesign the quaternary treatment process of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company’s Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) Plant. A prior engineering team had established the path forward of installing new moving bed bio-reactors (MBBRs) to replace the existing quaternary treatment, which consisted of large concrete biological treatment tanks (BTTs). The estimated cost to design and construct the MBBRs was $23 million.

Engineering Design Services

Taku was assigned to the project during final design and recognized a better alternative. Taku brought the project back into the conceptual phase and developed a program to assess the use of the existing BTTs as both biological treatment and settling ponds. Taku ran an extensive testing program to prove out the concept and oversaw the design of tank upgrades. This overcame the limitations associated with the original configuration and resulted in cleaner plant effluent.

The services Taku provided on this project consisted of the following:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Chemical/Process Engineering
  • Pilot Plant Testing Program
  • Project Engineering
  • Field Engineering
  • Total Installed Cost (TIC) Estimating

Taku Strives to Repurpose Our Client’s Existing Infrastructure To Minimize Project Costs & Complexity

Taku identified an option to the modify the existing BTTs to convert them to settling ponds and protect them from future corrosion and deterioration. The final cost to implement these modifications was $11 million, saving our client $12 million and resulting in much cleaner plant effluent.