Alyeska Pipeline BWT Plant Piping Replacement

Project Overview

Taku was tasked with technical oversight of a project to replace the facility piping at the Valdez Marine Terminal’s Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) plant. The initial conceptual study had settled on replacement of the plant piping with corrosion resistant duplex steel. Taku recognized an opportunity to utilize less costly corrosion resistant materials, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) piping, in lieu of duplex steel.

Engineering Design Services

Taku returned the project to conceptual engineering. Taku leveraged the reduced capacity of the plant to allow the use of smaller diameter piping, and utilized the existing piping as a conduit, negating the need for new pipe supports and insulation. The changes that Taku made reduced the overall cost of the project by more than 50%.

The services Taku provided on this project consisted of the following:

  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Chemical/Process Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Field Engineering
  • Total Installed Cost (TIC) Estimating

Taku is experienced in the use of alternative methods and materials to provide fit-for-purpose solutions.

Taku Engineering conceptual engineering expertise simplified the scope of the Ballast Water Treatment Piping replacement Project. The use of the existing carbon steel piping as conduit and by utilizing corrosion resistant FRP piping, reduced implementation costs as well as the cost of future maintenance and monitoring.