Pi-1 Cathodic Protection Current Interrupter

Our product development team has utilized state of the art technology to develop a GPS synchronized cathodic protection (CP) current interrupter that fits in your pocket. This form factor is a major reduction from the market standard interrupter that is larger than a lunch box. The Pocket Interrupter One (Pi-1) is designed to be intuitive and simple to use while providing advanced capabilities.

With the Pi-1, a 5-hour charge allows for 5 days of 24 hour per day run time. With two internal solid state relays, it is capable of interrupting two galvanic CP current sources of up to 1 amp and 20 volts each. Connect one or more external high current relays and a single Pi-1 can interrupt up to 10 high current CP sources. All of these features are integrated into a 5.66” x 3.33” x 1.1” package weighing less than a pound.

The Pi-1 will be available for sale Early 2018. For additional details, please visit our new online store.